Maria Dumitrescu

Ms. Maria Dumitrescu

Holding a BA in languages and literatures, a BEd and a MA in applied linguistics from the University of Bucharest, Maria Dumitrescu is a retired teacher who has been providing professional development and training sessions to organisations like the University of Calgary, Alberta Teachers Association (ATA) and Alberta Teachers of English as a Second Language (ATESL) association, in Canada, for the past 13 years. Her webinars and courses integrate elements of multiple learning styles, multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence, communication strategies, and intercultural communication into the lesson planning for adult education as well as young learners. An experienced researcher, with almost 3 decades of teaching experience, Maria has been preparing curricula and teaching materials for different levels and programs in the fields of literacy, business communication and English for international students. Her research projects focus on integrating aspects of the multiple intelligences theory and the multiple learning styles in teacher training programs. She is currently running her teacher training company established in 2018.

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