8th International Conference on

New Approaches in Education

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Conference Location

Helsinki, Finland

Conference Dates

12 - 14 July 2024

Welcome to Learning Conference 2024

About the teaching and learning conference 2024

The field of teaching and education has entered a new era. With digital and distant learning becoming more acceptable and accessible, the impact on tools, methods, and practices in this discipline must adapt and evolve in parallel with technological advancements, and changing societal needs and expectations.

Learning Conference 2024 aims to bring together scholars, scientists, researchers, postgraduate students, and other members of academia, along with cross-sector representatives, such as non-for profit organizations, government institutions, tech companies, and private businesses.

This rich diversity of learning conferences 2024 will generate thought-provoking discussions, engaging lectures, insightful feedback, and brilliant networking.

Where Learning Conference 2024 Attendees Come From

The participants join from all over the world: Nigeria, South Korea, the Philippines, Denmark, Spain, the United State, Mexico, Ecuador, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Zimbabwe, and numerous others. Such diversity means that each participant you interact with will provide you with a unique perspective – one that’s based on their personal blend of experiences, geographical and social contexts, past research, and field specialization.

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Ozcan Gulacar

Past Speakers

education conference

Caterina Bembich

Past Speakers

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Edita Slunjski

Past Speakers

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Macale Carlo

Past Speakers

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Letitia Basford

Past Speakers

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Carol Klages

Past Speakers

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Joana Taci

Past Speakers

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Dian Damayanti

Past Speakers

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Learn and Develop

learning and development conference 2024 Themes

If you are interested in submitting your paper and presenting it at learning conferences 2024  these are the themes the scientific committee is accepting submissions on: Educatione-LearningEnglish and Foreign Language Teaching (ELTFLT), Learning and Teaching. Other related topics will also be considered.

The Benefits of Joining the Learning Conference

Learn about upcoming trends, new frameworks and methodologies, fresh perspectives on application possibilities, and challenges in the field on national, regional, and global levels.

Network with fellow academics, identify research partnership opportunities, develop mentorship relationships, share your experience and academic career, and discover research funding avenues.

Boost your resume with a certificate of participation, showcasing your lifelong commitment to deepening and expanding your knowledge, sharing your research, and making an impact in the field.

Get your research published and maximize its reach. Through open-access publishing, your research will be seen and referenced by an exponentially larger audience, helping you further advance your academic career.

Present Your Research at One of the Most Prestigious conference on teaching and learning

Oral presentation

Present at the venue of the teaching learning conference. Guide your audience with visual slides and deliver an engaging presentation. Answer questions, receive feedback, and get inspired for the next research project.

Virtual presentation

If, for whatever reason, you are unable to travel to learning conferences 2024, submit your application as a virtual speaker. Present to the audience live from the comfort of your office or home. Answer the participants’ questions and source feedback.

Poster presentation

If you prefer a more informal setting for your presentation, do it via a poster in the networking area of the conference. Explain the most important aspects of your research in a visually striking way, and engage in smaller-group discussions.

free city tour

Explore the Host City on a Free Guided Tour

Helsinki masterfully combines the old and the new. Explore everything the city has to offer on a free guided tour. All participants are encouraged to join to turn this learning opportunity into a rounded, truly memorable experience. Network with your peers in a more informal environment as you discover beautiful architectural sights and share a meal at a restaurant that boasts delicious local cuisine.

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Academic Conference Proceedings and Publication

All accepted and registered abstracts will be published in the conference Proceeding with ISBN Number. All full papers sent for conference proceedings will be accepted through a double blind review process and will be published electronically in proceedings with a DOI number.

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