Second Round – Oxford

Second Round – Oxford

Due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, Oral speakers of the 4th International Conference on New Approaches in Education announced their decision to be shifted to Virtual presentation mode. Therefore, the ICNAEDUCATION Organizing Committee decided to hold the conference entirely Online. The Virtual presentations were delivered via an online electronic forum (Webinar), where the participants engaged in lively discussions during the conference.
Author Article Title Affiliation
education conference Mrs. Shirui Chai Chinese Students in UK Higher Education: Exploratory Research into Chinese Postgraduate Students’ Participation in English Dialogic Classroom Activities University of Bath, United Kingdom
Ms. Satchie Haga Integrating mobile-assisted language learning: Teacher beliefs in Japanese EFL higher education Rikkyo University, Japan
Mr. RUSSELL AL FARABI Identity Crisis of the Linguistic Minorities in the Process of Acculturation with reference to Secondary Curriculum in the state of West Bengal, India RAMAKRISHNA MISSION SIKSHANAMANDIRA, India
Miss. Nouf Alenezi case study of inclusive education in the context of Kuwait: Barriers and challenges public authority for applied education and training, Kuwait
education conference Mr. Ven. Nagasena Barua Proposed Policy for Administration of International Education at Mahamakut Buddhist University Research Articles, Thailand
education conference Dr. Chiao-ling Yang Cultural Disadvantage Or Special Needs? Deficit Thinking In Diagnosis And Placement For Special Education Students National Kaohsiung Normal University, Taiwan
education conference Dr. Jasna Kudek Mirošević Preschool Teachers’ Experiences in Working with Children in an Inclusive Educational Facility Faculty of Teacher Education, Zagreb, Croatia
Prof. Anka Jurčević Lozančić Preschool teachers’ competencies for inclusive practice and partnership with parents – experiences from Croatia Faculty of Teacher Education, Zagreb, Croatia
Santiago Ponsoda López de Atalaya Digital Teacher Competence in initial teacher training University of Alicante. Faculty of Education, Spain
Mrs. Elisabeth Neiada Parental engagement in IB schools: how is it underpinned by school leaders? A cross-national comparative analysis. University of Bath, United Kingdom
Dr. Tungesh Mahalingappa Literature in Language Classroom: A Literary –Stylistic Approach Manipal Institute of Technology, India
education conference MISS. .Walifa Rasheed-Karim The Effect of Stressful Factors, Locus of Control and Age on Emotional Labour and Burnout among Further and Adult Education Teachers in the U.K. Bolton University, United Kingdom
The Influence of Policy on Emotional Labour and Burnout among Further and Adult Education Teachers in the U.K.
education conference Mr. Irshad Ahmad The Dilemma Higher Education System (Policies & Reforms Review 2019) De Laas Gul Welfare Program, Pakistan
Dr. Manal Smadi The effect of using songs on young English learner’s motivation in Jordan. University of Jordan
education conference Prof. Seddik Afifi Capability Determination of Educational Management in Africa Tiba Academy, Egypt
education conference Dr. Letitia Basford This School Saved my Life”: How one Innovative Charter High School Succeeds with Dropout Recovery Hamline University, United States
Mr. Mohammad Alkhatib Grammatical Issues in Saudi EFL Writings: A Minimalist Approach Prince Mugren University, Saudi Arabia
education conference Prof. Eyovi Njwe Learning and Coping Strategies Through the Medium of a Second Official Language (Ol2) Amongst Cameroonian University Students The University of Bamenda, Cameroon
education conference Dr. Bader Alqallaf The stability of the social participation of children identified as having Slow learning in Kuwait the public authority for training and education – College of Basic Education, Kuwait
Dr. Carol Klages A Reading Program Based on the Science of Reading: Can a Multisensory, Systematic, Direct Approach Work? University of Houston-Victoria, United States
MISS. Areej Alruwaili ‘Native speaker’ and ‘Non-native speaker’ English Language Teachers: Students Experiences in Saudi Context University of East Anglia, United Kingdom
Mrs. Caterina Bembich Promoting the “Child-centred approach” through an e-learning training course. Problems and prospects University of Trieste, Italy
education conference Vesna Srnic Glocal, Holistic and Performative Education University of Osijek, Faculty of Education in Osijek, The Republic of Croatia
education conference Ms. Fadoua Govaerts How to Measure Success in Home Education University of Bath, United Kingdom
education conference MISS. Fatima-Ezzahra Ait Bennacer Smart university: The integration of Artificial Intelligence in higher education to resolve the training/employment inadequacy Faculty of Sciences, Chouaib Doukkali University, Morocco
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