7th International Conference on
New Approaches in Education
22-24 September 2023
Barcelona, Spain

Immerse in a diverse, international educational experience at Teaching Conferences 2023


Welcome to the most anticipated teaching conference of 2023. This is where you can learn about upcoming trends in the field of education, discuss common challenges with your peers, discover new approaches and methods, uncover patterns, and meet academics with diverse backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.


teaching conference

Topics Featured at the Teaching and Learning Conference

Topics and themes of the conference

If you’d like to present your paper at teacher education conferences 2023, the scientific committee is accepting submissions on the following subjects: Educatione-LearningEnglish and Foreign Language Teaching (ELTFLT), Learning and Teaching. Other related topics will also be considered.

Present your research at Teaching Conference 2023

One of the most prestigious teacher education conferences 2023 features presentations in a variety of formats to both create an immersive learning experience for the attendees and accommodate the different preferences of the presenters.

    This is a lecture-style presentation that you will do at the venue of the event. Following the presentation, you will have time to answer the audience’s questions.
    You will summarize your research and its findings in a poster, which you will present in the networking area of the venue.
    Your paper presentation will be broadcasted live at the venue of the event and online for virtual attendees. You will also address questions from the audience.

teaching conference

teaching conference 2023

Why present at this academic event

  • Boost your academic profile: Presenting your research at teaching conferences 2023 and getting it published shows your commitment to lifelong learning and cross-border knowledge exchange.
  • Get inspired: Engage in discourse with your audience and gain unique perspectives and views, inspiring your next research project.
  • Shape the future of the field: Help determine priorities in the field of education, engage in discussions on common challenges and brainstorm creative solutions.
  • Inspire others: By presenting your research, you are offering your personal take on important subjects, which can spark ideas for new areas of research in others.

Meet the scientific committee

The reason this event earned the reputation for being one of the most impactful teaching conferences of 2023 is, in large, due to the high standards of quality enforced by the scientific committee. Made up of highly accomplished individuals, members of the committee review every paper submission and evaluate it for quality, relevancy, and authenticity.

Explore the host city on a free guided tour

There is no other place in the world like Lisbon. This is a city that masterfully combines the old and the new. The streets, the language, the cuisine – everything has a story behind it. We invite you to join us for a free 1-day tour of this majestic city.

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