Fifth Round – Brussels

Fifth Round – Brussels

The 5th International Conference on New Approaches in Education (ICNAEDUCATION) was successfully held online in response to the global Coronavirus pandemic. With the help of the ICNAEDUCATION Organizing Committee, delegates and speakers from Arizona State University, UAE University, University of Zagreb, University of California, and University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Univesity of Trieste, Farhangian University, Central University of Technology, Seoul National University, 21st Century Educators, ENS-Bouzareah and many other educational instituions and individuals interested in the field were able to attend or present virtually via our online electronic forum (Webinar).

The virtual sessions were designed to be as interactive as possible, enabling attendees to participate in engaging discussions and speaker Q&A sessions. The Webinar technology also let the attendees to participate in live-streamed talks and keynotes. Delegates were able to learn more about and comprehend the issues covered as a result. They also had a special opportunity to interact, network, and exchange ideas thanks to the virtual platform. This encouraged teamwork and idea sharing.

Notwithstanding the switch to virtual presentations, the 5th International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Education was a success overall. The attendees were able to participate in live conversations, hear keynote speeches, and view live-streamed presentations thanks to the inventive use of technology. As a result, delegates were able to interact, network, and share ideas in a secure online environment.

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Highlighted Speakers

Author Article Title Affiliation
Prof. Edita Slunjski Reflexive tools and realising a responsible and ethical educational practice Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia
Dr. Diane Bender Expert critics and how faculty select them: A comparison from art and design education Arizona State University, The United States
education conference Dr. Ghadah Al Murshidi Investigating EFL Students’ Perceptions on Online Learning Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic UAE University, UAE
education conference Dr. Ozcan Gulacar The Potential of Socio-scientific Issues on Improving Students’ Motivation in Chemistry Classes University of California, Davis, The United States
Macale Carlo Dr. Carlo Macale The role of the educational tutor in the Italian VET University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy
Dr. Caterina Bembich Distance learning from the students’ point of view: connected but socially disconnected Univesity of Trieste, Italy
Wafia Tihal Dr. Wafia Tihal Investigating Lexical Attrition Among Secondary School Algerian EFL Learners ENS-Bouzareah, Algeria
Fotis Dr. Fotis Lazarinis A customizable and interactive gamified motivational system for improving student engagement 5th High School of Agrinio, Greece
Nima Asemani Barekat Mr. Nima Asemani Barekat The Effect of Play-based Learning Methods on Math Learning of Sixth-grade Elementary Students Farhangian University, Iran
Maria Dumitrescu Mrs. Maria Dumitrescu Teaching Styles and Lesson Planning for The 21st Century Classroom 21st Century Educators, The United Kingdom
education conference Ms. Molongwane Tonny Chidi Impact Of Progression On Learners’ Performance In Secondary Schools, Capricorn District, Limpopo Province Central University of Technology, Free Stae, South Africa
Suji Lee Ms. Suji Lee Comparing Factors Influencing the Participation of Professional Learning Communities in Korea and the US Seoul National University, South Korea
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