Dr. Bader Alharbi

Alharbi is an accomplished academic and researcher in the field of Applied Linguistics. He currently serves as an Associate Professor and Vice Dean for Quality at the Development and Quality Deanship at Qassim University in Buraydah, Saudi Arabia, a position he has held since 2017. Dr. Alharbi received his Bachelor's degree in English Language from Qassim University and went on to complete his Master's degree in Applied Linguistics at Sussex University in the UK in 2007. He then obtained his second Master's degree in Educational Research from Exeter University in the UK in 2008, and later completed his Ph.D. studies in linguistics at the same institution from 2008-2012. Dr. Alharbi's research interests include lexicography, dictionary use strategies, language learning strategies, mobile-assisted language learning (MALL), and blended learning. He has conducted extensive research on the use of dictionaries by Saudi EFL learners and has contributed significantly to the field of Applied Linguistics through his publications and presentations at conferences. Dr. Alharbi is a dedicated educator and researcher, and his work has been recognized and appreciated by his peers and colleagues in the field.

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