Learn the Language by Arts

Learn the Language by Arts

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Proceedings of ‏The 2nd International Conference on Social Sciences in the 21st Century

Year: 2020


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 Learn the Language by Arts


Dr. Ahlam AL zahawi


Arts of all kinds is one of the most important and common methods of teaching and learning in these days in the educational and academic fields. By combining them with topics related to the content of the curriculum in what is known as (the methodology of integrative education). Is is one of the methods approached by many educational institutions. It is an environment based on variety of topics faraway from traditional memorizing and repeated routine. If this method is combined with arts, it will lead to an improvement of learning. Because of the imagination generated by the arts, especially the visual ones. It turns the rigidity of meaning into sensations of beauty, color, and creativity. For example, a student gives an oral presentation about a painting made with kinds of shells, then gives an idea of how it is originated. Or he writes a report on the rainbow, its colors and its effect on the soul This kind of integration leads to a great interaction of the student with the lesson because the sciences and humanities in general are characterized by a degree of rigidity. While arts rise a world of imagination that leads to creativity. This combination of content and arts also provides an environment of comfort in the classroom away from tension and emotion imposed by the repeated traditional curricula in schools. It also provides the student with the opportunity of self-learning of a language. As he expresses in his own style an activity that he implemented himself. Thus he has learned the language in his own
way. Away full of innovation. Arts in all specialty, can be used as a method of language learning as my letter illustrates my experience for several years.

Keywords: educational integrative combined imagination creativity.

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Dr. Ahlam AL zahawi


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